Sunday, January 6, 2019

Two Hour Church- January 6, 2019

As I pointed out to my Primary class, this was an historic day that they could remember and tell their own children about.  We started the 2-hour block of Church today.  The tricky thing for me was how to adjust to teaching only a 20 minute lesson in Primary following the new guidelines and allowing the children to also share what they had learned.  I studied the individual study guide through the week and started thinking about the lesson, but kept worrying about the whole 20 minute thing and having the students share their own experiences.  How do you do that?

On Friday as I was preparing a small treat to take around to my new Primary class with a note about the room number, etc., I realized exactly how to try to do that.  In that flash of a moment how revelation comes at times, it was clear.  The simple things which I had assemble for their "welcome to a new year in Primary" served as the framework for our lesson...even though when I bought them, I didn't know that was the purpose for them--I just thought they would make a fun treat bag for my class.

The package included:
1.  A stuffed Teddy Graham:  This represents each one of us.  We are responsible for our own learning.
2.  A red pencil-  The scriptures are the key to learning about Jesus and His gospel.  Underline important verses to you.
3.  A package of TIC TAC:  Easy for sharing (six of the eight had shared with their family) because we are going to share what we have learned at home in our class and also we are going to be "Tac-tful" and supportive when others are sharing  (see how I did that!)
4.  A picture of Christ--to remind them of who we are studying and He loves them.
5.  A little tea light:  For Christ is the light of the World and we each grow our light as we become more like him.

I also gave them this note so they knew actually what we were going to discuss.

We sat in a circle and I placed them items on a tray in my lap and we talked and shared together.  It was amazing (and made better by the amazing class I have this year.  Smart and reverent--an amazing combination for nine year olds.  I have a new teaching partner and she is going to be great as well.)

Each week we will give the students a card with something to prepare for the week ahead.  It is going to be a great year in Primary.

Have I mentioned that it is an amazing time to be a member of the Church?

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