Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Gender Reveal.............

This is one of the fun new traditions of the times.  Back in the day, gender reveal was also called "The birth of the baby," because you didn't know until the baby arrived what sex it would be.  Of course, parents can opt to decide if they want to know the sex of the child prior to birth, but techs and doctors are so used to revealing it that people say you really have to remind them constantly that you do not want to know.

Jessica and Elessia want to know the sex of the baby and told us that they would likely announce on Mother's Day (of course, Jena and I watched Liam and Zander so we knew that they would know the day before.)  However, Elessia decided that she would wait so that she would hear the sex the same time the rest of us did on Sunday night.  Jessica agreed to build everything for the announcement at work so that Elessia could also be surprised. 

So Sunday evening, we gathered in our backyard for the big reveal.  Chantel offered to video the announcement, while Elessia taped her phone on a post to film us reacting to the reveal.  The grandkids were running around and we were all making our guess.  Jena has always been fixed on it being a girl.  Scarlett was saying she wanted a girl cousin as currently she has only five boy cousins.

Jessica brought out this beautiful box and hung it on our umbrella tree.  We called Tosha and put her on FaceTime with us, so she could be part of the fun.  Niki was there too, but I am not sure if he understood everything that was going on.

 Liam was ready to pull the rope with, two, pull..............
A girl........................yay.  We were excited to see that.....
 Look at Scarlett....gathering the purple and pink balloons.
...but wait, look at this picture again.

Notice the black balloon in Elessia's hand.  It says,  "Baby #2."  What???!!!!  Gary said that he was confused as this was baby #3 for them.  The rest of us were just slow to figure it out.  Chantel was the first to say, "What- twins?"
Yes, TWINS!!!! And then Elessia popped the balloon and baby #2 is also a GIRL.  Can you believe that they kept it a secret for all of these months!!!  How exciting is that? 

So we are now expecting Grandchildren #7 and # 8 who will likely be arriving at the first of October, rather than the end at the original due date.  Jessica said that she has had lots of conversations with the twins to tell them that they want to be born in October and have the month to themselves, rather than join the many September birthdays we have already.  Of course, twins are unpredictable.  We hope for an October birthday.  My mom's birthday was in October and she said it was a great month for birthdays.

And Scarlett will have her girl cousins, just like she wanted!!

And how was that for a Mother's Day surprise!  My baby is having twin babies.  Life is a never-ending round of amazing adventures.

(And two days later, Jessica (the one who made me mother first) turned 35 years old.  There was a lot to celebrate.)

Mother's Day 2018

All mothers know that Mother's Day is a bit of a mixed love the sweet cards and gifts from your children (who made you a mom in the first place), but you also can sometimes be reminded of all the things that you are NOT good as a mom.  You hear the talks at Church or read posts on Facebook and think, "I don't do that." or "I wish that I had done that." or "My kids would never say that about me."  And I think of my mom who I miss like crazy and my mind fills with those memories as well.  I also had several Mother's Days when I wanted to be a mother and was not and I feel for those women around me in similar situations.  And I think about those women that I share my children with, their birth mothers, and send my thoughts of love and compassion to them. Like I said, Mother's Day is complicated ---a mixed bag!!

This Mother's Day was awesome!!  I got a sweet message from Tosha, fun gifts from the other kids, and we had a fun time being together (missing Ben and Tosha/Austen family, of course.)  The weather was perfect, Chantel made yummy hamburgers on the grill, and we loved watching the kids play.  There was also one very MEMORABLE announcement (but that will have its own post.)

Scarlett and James at the piano
Zander and James at the dog door together.  Like their older siblings, they are trying to figure out how to use this to get in and out of the house on their own.  Although they aren't yet talking, you could see them working together to figure this puzzle out. 
Picnic times...........

We shared a bit of time with Tosha on Facetime and I talked to Ben I said, a very Happy Mother's Day........................with one special announcement...................(see the next post!)

Prep for Mother's Day

Scarlett and Liam have missed the trampoline that Grandpa took down for the winter, so he was under orders to get it up for our Mother's Day dinner.  The day before, the weather was clear enough so that he could start working on it.
Jena and I were busy, too, starting the process of getting yard work done for the spring time.
Then we headed to Magna to watch Liam and Zander so that Jessica and Elessia could head to a gender ultrasound in prep for the Mother's Day Gender Reveal.

Dinner at McDonalds--
Liam and Jena


Fun on the playground
Zander seemed to prefer the challenge of going up the slide better than going down.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

May Grandkids Update

I love that I get pictures sent to me by texts or messengers during the day or night and I can see my cute grandchildren---

Liam at the Hogle Zoo
Zander asleep after the Kids Safety Fair in Ogden
 Niki at Lego Club on base in Seattle
Cooper at home
Scarlett (from Facebook)

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