Sunday, September 16, 2018

Non-profits--Part Two or the UDSF Metro-Buddy Walk 2018

The Buddy Walk this year was at the Rio Tinto Plaza which is east of the stadium where Real Soccer plays.  It was a great location and a nice night for the Buddy Walk.  We didn't have as many people as usual, because we switch to a Friday evening.  I think we will try this venue again but a Saturday morning.
Jena and Grizzy, mascot for the local hockey team 

Jena with the local firefighters

Jolynn and Jena
Our friends, Keven and Jolie Watson and Hal and Jolynn Beckstrand came and helped us with rocket launching.  Well, helped Gary and Jena as I was running around doing other little things that needed to be done.  Somehow I missed getting a picture of the four of them, but it was so fun to share the night with them.
There were bounce houses and carnival games and of course, the walk.  Jena got to do the countdown to start the walk with everyone throwing their beach soccer balls into the air.  (If you look close you can see some balls in the air.  I was not standing in a good location for this photo.)

 And the walk goes on....

 A pause on the walk to get a photo op with the stadium
 A pretty night
 High Fives down the row....
Zane's Zone is there each year.

It was a fun night and I liked the evening event, but I guess we are going back to the morning for next year.

Thanks to Gary and Jena for supporting me in this work....let's just say that I am not as young as I use to be.  I was pretty tired by the time we got home that night.


I can't remember if I have posted about non-profits on the blog or is it just conversations I have had with a variety of people lately.  I love non-profits.  They are a testament to the passion and caring of good people everywhere.  People who have seen a need, had an idea, and then worked and sacrificed to make that dream and vision come true.  All of us should give time, money, and energy in whatever cause seems right and good for you.  The amount of time, money, and energy you give is highly personal.  Like the Widow's mite, when given, it is enough.

Having said all of that (and I truly believe it all)--we have an amazing list of non-profits who have touched our lives and with whom we have tried in a small way to return some of the gain to others.

Here is our list:
The Church  (really not the same as a non-profits in the sense of our personal commitment to it, but legally it is a non-profit.)
Utah Down Syndrome Foundation
Davis Behavioral Health
Wonderwood Academy--College Bridge Program
Gigi's Playhouse
Special Olympics
Friend to Friend Theatre Group
Ogden Adaptive Sports Foundation
Camp K
Little Free Library

In the past, there was Boy Scouts of America (but currently neither Gary or I are working in scouts.)  LDS Family Services, Families Supporting Adoption, and the list can go on.

And, of course, I work for a non-profit--The Children's Center.

We are so grateful for the people that we have met and all of those who have started and continued these great organizations.  They have made a difference in our lives.  And we have tried to give back where we can.

So Friday was part of that giving back--with two events--A company retreat for The Children's Center up in Park City (at another non-profit--National Ability Center) from 9-3 and then the annual UDSF Buddy Walk from 5-8 at the Rio Tinto Stadium Plaza.

Part of the UDSF swag
As usual, the table became the loading dock for the assignments I had for the retreat and for UDSF Buddy Walk.

Rockets, launchings, and other supplies
One of my assignments was putting together a thank-you basket and I had found out that one of the people loved a certain brownie from a certain grocery store.  There was one on my way home so I though-perfect.  I will stop and pick some up.  But I forgot  (due mostly to the fact that I was on the phone --hands free in my car--with my clinical director talking about a subpoena I had received--the joys of social work!!).  I realized it when I got home and decided to make the 20 minute drive back to that certain store to complete our gift.  It was great, they had it, I bought it...and then headed to my car...which didn't start.  Do you have days like this when you are trying to do things a certain way and it turns out to be a lot harder than it should have been?

Luckily, Gary came and saved the day by jumping my car.  But we had a complex day for Friday and we needed two working cars to do it.

We loaded the truck Friday morning--well. Gary did--and then I had this gorgeous traffic free drive from Syracuse to Park City....even in the late summer, it was beautiful.

Our retreat was held at the National Ability Center which is a place which provides activities, training, and recreational activities for people with all types of disabilities and also serves as a place where groups can go to learn about disabilities and ways that people can have accommodations and be successful at all types of activities.  For example, at the rock wall, people could wear a blindfold and experience what rock climbing would be like for someone who is blind.

The Rope Swing

Two people I work with:
Sasha, a family therapist
and Dallace, one of the preschool specialist

Calming down by working with horses
 I choose archery for my morning activity.  During our second round, I actually hit one of the cards on the target.  You were suppose to get 21--but four was better than nothing.

The National Ability Center has several different types of bikes to
try on their trails.  This is Kathryn from Development.

The archery team
After our morning activities, we did some other team building activities, had a working lunch, speakers and then a craft activities--getting into our "inner child".  It was a good event and our survey results stated that most people agreed.
I headed out a little bit early as I needed to get down to Salt Lake for the next event--the annual UDSF Buddy Walk!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September Beginnings....

There is something about Septembers in our lives....due to schools starting around that time, the final holiday of the summer, the new schedules for your life--as a child in school, a young adult in college, or a mom sending kids to school, September has required looking at the calendar and making plans and arranging the schedules so that life can happen.  It is like another chance at New Year' start again to do better.  And it is also the countdown to the holidays--a lot to think about, a lot to do.  More memories to make, more work to do!

Labor Day---we celebrated mostly by laboring around the house and getting Jena ready to head back to her next semester at the Wonderwood College Bridge Program at BYU.  Despite her excitement about that, she took a moment early in the day to post our parkway strip flag in honor of the holiday.  Gary had posted our flag on the flag pole, but Jena didn't think that was enough.  She has grown up a lot since posting the flags as a Beehive.

We took Emily down with us so the trunk was better full.

In their apartment
Emily has a new bedspread and Jena had picked a sign for their room.  "Enjoy Life."   She already does a very good job of that.  I think that is one thing Jena does exceptionally well at--living in the moment and letting it happen as it comes.
This year, they added a new student to the program--Megan.  Here they are on their first hike of the new year at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.
Her first week went great.  She told me that she has lots of new friends in her BYU ward and she likes her new (and old) roommates.

I hope your September beginnings started well as well......Enjoy Life.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Growing Up Hall Grandchildren......

Cooper enjoying the Whale book we gave Niki for his 4th birthday!

Niki showing off the whales we gave him.  Trying to train him young to love whales.  Happy birthday, Niki!! 

Scarlett--just a bit of personality in that sweet face!!!
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James trying out Daddy's shoes--

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes

Liam was very excited about something at the store----
Zander studying the skies from our climbing toy.

and we are waiting patiently for three little girls to add to the crew!

Jessica and Elessia trying to figure out the puzzle of four children in car seats in a mini-van.
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It is going to be an exciting fall for our family!!!