Sunday, July 15, 2018

Looking at the Gibersons

I wanted to try to have a picture of each person who attended the reunion in one place so here it goes:  I will be taking photos from Facebook to make sure--hope it works:

First, someone posted this "throwback photo" from a reunion in Austin-maybe 2003.

Now see the grandchildren and the greats in 2018:

Scott, Rick, Lynette, Valerie, Robin, Mike, Todd and I

Our family of Halls:  Apparently I did not take pictures of my family this weekend.  No pictures of Jessica and Elessia and no good pictures of Scott and Chantel....

Judy and Gary, Jessica/Elessia with Liam and Zander, Scott/Chantel with Scarlett and James; Ben; Jena




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in the RV with Grandpa Hall and Aunt Jena


Scarlett and James
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Todd Giberson and family:  Todd, Lea, kids:  Jordan/Daniel and Erza; Sierra/Chris with Gwennivier and Anakin; Lora/Siva with Kherrington, Ryan, Kayley, and Tillie

I struggled to find any pictures of Todd's family in general.  Here is one where on the left is Chris, Sierra with Anakin on her lap and her daughter, Gwennivier,next to her.

Jordan and her husband, Daniel, and their son, Ezra.....
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Lora and her husband, Siva, and their little daughter, Kherrington with Grandpa and Karla. She is currently the youngest great-grandchild!

Anakin, Sierra and Chris's son:
Ryan Giberson (Todd)with Thad (Rick)--Ryan and Kayley really stayed away from cameras during the reunion....
Tillie who is the youngest of the Giberson cousins with her Aunt Valerie, wearing shirts from 2015.
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Mike and family:  Mike (missing Andi) kids:  Lisa/Paul (she is the oldest granddaughter) with Audrey, Owen and Alison; Paul/Randee with Jay, Max and Sophee  (no pictures of Randee either)

Mike with his grandchildren--Max, Audrey, Alison and Sophee on Uncle Mike's lap, Jay kneeling and Owen in the back.
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Grandpa with the Neerings
Paul, Alison, Owen, and Audrey
(Audrey is the oldest of the greats!)
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Grandpa Giberson with Paul
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The Mike Giberson grandchildren in the river together
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Robin and Lynette in the sibling photo--

Valerie and family:  Valere/Lance with Landi/Lance with Evangelina, Elena, and Emma; Justin/Tosha with Jayden and Kendall; Megan, Kristen (Nate not there) with Blake; and Kylie

Valerie and Lance, standing in front of the Buddhist Temple where they got engaged. 
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Landi and Lance Johnson with their three darling foster daughters--
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Justin and Tosha Ipson with Jayden and Kendall (with her head turned) and Evangelina
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Kylie Ipson
This picture may have to work for Megan Ipson---Scotty Giberson on the right (Scott Giberson)
--and Thad Giberson in the background (Rick)
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And another combination picture:  Ben (Judy Hall), Blake with his mom, Kristen (Ipson) Williams and Megan......
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Rick and family:  Rick/Linda with Tana and Thad

Rick crossing the bridge with Gary and Grandpa and lots of Gibersons in the water....
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Although this shot includes Jena, it was one of my favorites from the reunion.  Aunt Linda, Tana and Jena----
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Scott with Scotty--

Scott is trying to stand while the disk spins while Scotty is in the left edge of the picture, enjoying the effort.

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Random shots:  

More Gibersons climbing the play structure.  (Side note:  My mom told a story about how she was climbing a tree on the beach when she was about 40 years old and her mom (my grandmother) scolded her and told her that she shouldn't be climbing trees any more.--although I think my grandmother had never really liked my mom climbing trees even when she was young.  Shows that you are never too old for your mother to scold you to keep you safe. However, it seems like the Giberson children and grandchildren love climbing like Grandma Giberson...and someone, I won't mention names is over 40 years old in this photo.)
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Even the great grandchildren like games...we teach them young in the Giberson family.
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I was actually there in the river.......
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More game playing
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Late night ping pong ball (Quad Ball) with Scotty and Thad and Landi in the yellow spot.  Can't see the blue player.
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Blake and Ezra----their moms are cousins.
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Blake with his cousin, Kendall
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You all have grown up in great ways and the cute great grandchildren being added yearly to the family are all amazing!  Can't wait to watch them grow!

And that is truly the end of the Reunion Photos!

Giberson Reunion 2018-Park Fun and Giberson Game Night

Saturday, we headed to a new park in Bountiful called Creekside Park.  It was a pretty place and gave us a bit of a sense for big trees and mountains but close by and accessible by everyone.

Uncle Scott and Grandpa Giberson
My dad who recently had his 84 birthday.
Notice the grey reunion t-shirts.  This year they are spotlighting the gaming company that my dad started and the first two games--Plunder and Career Crisis.  The web site is :

How many Gibersons can be on a climbing structure?  It turns out, quite a few, of all ages!

 Never too old or wise to enjoy a good slide....
Kylie Ipson and Aunt Valerie

Scotty Giberson and Jena

Megan Ipson and Audrey Neerings
This moving disk took awhile for everyone to figure out how it worked.
Jena found a comfortable spot on the hammock.
The park was filled with wildflowers....
They had a build-in water feature which the greats really enjoyed.  Lots of us got our feet wet with them.
Jayden Ipson

Scarlett and Jayden working together to pump the water into the stream...

Zander wearing the junior version of the t-shirt
 Scarlett and I took a selfie together......
 Jena posing with her shirt and hat....

Elena, foster daughter to Landi
We then all headed down to a stream in the park where they had build in steps down into the water so that people and kids could play in the stream.  It was beautiful and so fun.  There is not much better than wading in a stream...made better to share it with my grandchildren and so many Gibersons.
The water was cold but even some of our soon to be one year olds enjoyed playing in the water.  This is Kristen Williams (not with her son, Blake) but her niece, Kendall Ipson.
 Some of the older greats and grandchildren headed up the stream until the end of the park property.
Trying to get a picture with Gary, it didn't work out great, because Gary can be silly at times.
Liam loved the rocks in the river and pulled several out to show us and put in a pile, which he then put back into the stream.  Rocks and water--it doesn't get much better than that.
 Ben with James

Kendall with her dad, Justin Ipson
 Evangelinath Landi, Megan, and Tosha Ipson
 Another shot of the water feature....
After leaving the park, people again headed off in different directions.  Some headed to the Great Salt Lake despite our warnings of bugs and brine shrimp.  It was the classic Utah experience and I am glad that they did it.

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Jay Giberson, Paul Neerings with Owen, Scotty Giberson
After another dinner together at the Pavilion, we started the business of the reunion--game playing...before and afterwards, you saw Gibersons playing games everywhere!

My dad took a few minutes along with my brother, Todd, to talk about finding his biological father through DNA and how that led us to finding two half-brothers who we are going to visit in November.  Family comes from lots of places in our family--and truly we believe, the more the merrier.
 Aunt Robin put together a cute obstacle course for the great grandchildren along with prizes for all of them.
Then the grandchildren had a game of "Up cup, Down cup" which was a bit tricky in the wind.
 And more game playing.....

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I chose the wrong block to pull in our large jenga game.

 My cousin, Dan Gibson, and his wife, Raelene, joined us for Saturday night.  They live in Mapleton so I see them from time to time, but it was the first time in many years for him to see all of my siblings.

So we tried to get a Giberson Family Reunion Picture....not too easy even with lots of shots.

Our original plan was to attend the "Music and Spoken Word" broadcast on Sunday morning.  However, the choir was on tour, so they were only showing a rebroadcast that morning, so we all said our goodbyes Saturday night.  

That is a lot of travel for two action packed days, but I so loved seeing everyone and missing those who weren't there.  Thanks SO MUCH for making the trip and enjoying Utah with us.  Can't wait to next time--2021  Dallas/Grapevine area.