Sunday, February 11, 2018

Olympics 2018

It is about impossible to write in the blog and watch the Olympics!  So for the next two weeks plus, my laundry will be folded and the ironing might be caught up, but the rest of the time, you can find us cheering for our favorite teams--Go, USA, Norway, and the one person from Hong Kong!!!!!!

The Old Testament

I don't know about you, but I am not a big reader of the Old Testament.  I have read it from cover to cover a few times in my life and have read sections while studying the Old Testament in Sunday School from time to time, but not consistently over the years.  I tend to focus my personal study to the Book of Mormon mostly.

This year we are studying the Old Testament in Primary so I decided it was a good time to try reading it again.  So I stocked up with some new study supplies from Dessert Book (missing is a book about Isaiah) and started off. 

And I am reminded why I don't read it much.  You have to admit that the stories can be a bit confusing and the style is not the fresh and readable style of the Book of Mormon or even much of New Testament.  This study guide has been helpful and I am learning more than I knew before, but I am already wondering if I should alternate between the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon to give myself a break!  Suggestions?

Family Photos 2017

Here is some of the examples from our recent Family Photos--

The Whole Family

The Grandchildren
a little photo magic as Liam was so done
by this photo that we had to add him in from another photo

Jessica, Elessia, Liam and Zander

Scott and Chantel with Scarlett and James

Tosha and Austen with Niki and Cooper

With our red hats and scarfs--our nod to the Christmas season
 Some random other shots from the day

Here is the more historically accurate photo without Liam............

Jena and Ben
 Love this guy who made all of the above possible

Thanks everyone for making this photo shoot happen and a special thank you to Austin Berenyi for helping us out on such short notice.

Guests and Family

If you are going to clean the house, you might as well take advantage and have some people over.  So that is what we did last weekend.

Saturday night (as I mentioned last week) we invited friends over for dinner (potato bar) and games.  We had a very fun time.  We played "Wits and Wagers" as a group (we had 7 couples) and then divided up into three tables and played games and then people switched and play different games.  There was Uno, Fruit Basket, Tenzie, and something else.  Then we had yummy desserts.

Then on Sunday we had our family dinner.

This was a sweet moment.  James was sitting at the bottom of the slide, when Scarlett and Liam decided that they wanted to slide down.  Scarlett went first and gave James a big hug.  Liam decided that must be the game so he slid down and hugged James, too.  And then they both did it over and over again.  The photo below was the 3rd or 4th  hug from Scarlett.  The game ended when James decided that he had had enough hugs for the day and decided he wanted to figure out the slide himself.

I love watching the cousins play together.