Sunday, March 12, 2017

A trip to Provo.....

We are making lots of trips to Provo for the past eight months to visit Ben.  This week I made two--one to attend the clinical with Ben and his doctor and then on Friday night for our first "off grounds" visit with him.  He had gotten permission to go to dinner with us.  Timing turned out a bit crazy with Jena having her last day of skiing and we also attended a wedding celebration for Karla's granddaughter Erin.  We got to run and pick up food at the Mall and Ben enjoyed just getting away from the hospital for awhile.  Hopefully we can arrange to do it again soon and do a sit down dinner somewhere.

As we were waiting to be picked up by Gary and Ben, I took this picture of the County Courthouse in Provo.  I told Jena that when I was at BYU as a student, I once planned a dance here for my dorm. It was when I was a sophomore and I went with some nice boy from my ward who I can't remember his name.  Oh, well!.  As I took the picture Jena said, "Another picture for the blog!" in a "roll your eyes" type of voice----she thinks she is so funny!

Of course behind us was the gorgeous Provo City Center Temple and I took a couple of night shots of it.

I wanted to include one final note from Ben.  He drew this picture and gave it to me a few weeks ago of a blueberry plant.  I like having that reminder of him on our fridge.

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