Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Cradle

Jessica and Elessia returned the cradle to me.  The twins are too big and too mobile to sleep it in any more.  We had it in the truck for several days until we finally got it into the house. Later that night, I walked into the kitchen after returning home from somewhere and there it was sitting (of course, because I had put it there myself earlier.), but I couldn't believe the memories that flooded afterwards.  It is funny about memories--randomly they seem either hidden and we can't recall something that we need or want to recall and other times they come "falling out, one on top of the other."

I stained this cradle when I was pregnant with Jessica (notice it is similar in color to our kitchen table and cabinet.  I have liked cherry stain for a long time.)  We were living in Oquirrh Shadows in West Jordan.  Jessica and Jena were the only two of our children who slept in it.  I think that Carmen, one of my nieces, also slept in it and maybe one or two other nephews or nieces.  Now all four of Jessica's children have slept in it as infants.  Now what do we do with it?  Is it worth storing for another 20 years for my great grandchildren.  It really isn't a high quality piece of furniture...but definitely some high-quality memories!

Thoughts?  What do you do with such things?

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